Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Black Onyx Bead Bracelet 7" with Silver Fragrance Pendant

New! Exclusive Collection


This delicate and refined 7” Limited Edition bracelet features genuine black onyx gemstones on a stretch strand and includes an intricate Silver Fragrance Pendant. Crafted with an open-filigree design, this beautiful Fragrance Pendant functions as a stunning vessel to fill with the Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl® Fragrance Beads for an extraordinary fragrance experience.

Product Information

  • Pendant Material: Brass
  • Pendant Finish: Silver
  • Faceted Beads: Genuine Black Onyx Stone
  • Stretch Bracelet: Elastic
  • Size may vary due to natural stone material and stretch strand
  • Pendant holds approximately 6 - 8 Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Beads and/or Swarovski Crystals
  • SKU: BR8001